Venus Acoustic presents an exceptional series of loudspeakers :

Caldeira, Caelum Cassiopée and Cybela.

At Venus Acoustic, we use our very own CFTA technology to eliminate unwanted interference from reverberation inside the loudspeaker cabinet.

The interior geometry of the cabinet is calculated according to the Golden Ratio φ = 1,618
This concept of natural beauty and proportion lends itself to pure and harmonious sound. The Golden Ratio was notably used by Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven to create the structure of their masterpieces.

Our loudspeakers have carefully selected wood veneer finishes and handcrafted enamelled glass is encrusted into the surface of the cabinet giving a unique and stunning result.

Our principles together with our technologies reveal music that is alive and full of emotion. We are no longer talking about Hi-Fi systems but about music. As soon as the first notes are heard our loudspeakers simply fade into the background, leaving only the talent of the musicians on centre-stage.

Here the project in 1997 which triggered the VENUS Acoustic creation in 2004 :

4 ways loudspeaker   1,95 m high and 145 kg/u

- 2 drivers of 30 cm for the Bass

- Low Medium 30 cm Audium 12AX

- Medium Phy HP 21LB

- TW Fostex FT50H

The Cybela in 2006